Код ошибки 36 mac

How to Fix Mac Error Code-36 Permanently – 2020 Guide

Mac is one wonderful platform with a wide range of possibilities. However, these possibilities may sometimes include errors. Error code-36 is one rare error among them. Assuming that you arrived here to learn how to fix Error 36, I will explain you exactly that coupled with the additional info.

What is Error code-36?

This is somewhat rare species of error. You may encounter this error code when you try to copy files on your Mac. It is able to arise on any Mac operating system, doesn’t matter if you have a laptop or desktop. Error appears while you want to copy files or folders to a new location, or copying them to an email or any other instance. Regardless of the case, this issue will completely stop the process and will not allow you to perform the operation you desire. It isn’t a very common error as most users don’t copy folders regularly, but it might still be frustrating if there is an emergency and you need to copy something important. This error will ruin your mind then.

How Mac Error Code 36 Looks?

Causes for Mac Error 36

Knowing the root of the problem always proves to be helpful while finding the cure. Hence, I always advise you to learn about the causes, before moving to the solutions. However, this time I’d like you to move directly to the solutions as Error Code-36 has no simpler reasons other than some problem in the directory of the files and their proper location. I can explain about the complex causes too, but that won’t help as not everyone is a Computer Science genius. Luckily, the solutions I’m providing are regardless of the cause, so you can comfortably utilize them and get rid of the error.

How to Fix Error Code-36?

I’m presenting you the 3 best methods compiled by the pros coupled with the stepwise guide that will surely fix Mac Error code 36 in most of the cases. You can try these methods one after another, in case if one doesn’t help you out enough.

1. Use dot_clean

“dot_clean” is a simple and effective command line tool to tackle Mac Error code 36 without getting frustrated. You can simply use it and fix the error. Follow these steps in order to complete the procedure:

Step-1: Firstly turn on your system and go to Terminal by following this path: Application-> Utilities-> Terminal.

Step-2: Now type dot_clean and a single space in the first line of the Terminal.

Step-3: Then, drag the flash drive, memory card or file icon to the terminal window, and the /path/folder will be generated.

Step-4: Now just press Enter on your keyboard. This will merge the hidden files with their host files, which further will fix the error.

Step-5: Try copying the files now and check if the error is gone.

Done. You have successfully completed the procedure. You can now continue using your Mac without being interrupted. If the error is still there, scroll down to another method.

2. Check the Shortcomings

Often times, some shortcomings like lack of permissions, sharing options or some problem in the external media might cause Error code-36 in the Mac operating system. If this is happening in your case, follow these steps in order to fix the error.

Step-1: Check the permissions for copying the files in the Finder. Go to the Permission and sharing options and make it to “Everyone.” However, before doing this make sure that your account has read access to these particular files.

You can take ownership of the particular files that you are trying to copy.
After doing any of the above mentioned task, check if you are able to copy these files now. If you can, just give us a thumbs up and enjoy. If you cannot, perform Step-2.

Step-2: Check if there is any problem in the external media. Also, check if all the connections are stable too.

Step-3: Turn off your computer and boot it in Safe Mode. Now try copying your files. If you can copy them now, restart your PC normally. If you cannot, then also restart your PC normally.

Done. If this method was able to resolve the issue, you can continue copying whatever you want. If this didn’t, scroll down and take a look at the next method.

3. Use Third-party Software

Until now we have tried whatever we can do on our own. Now we will seek help from another softwares. These softwares work like charm if the cause for Error code-36 in our system are viruses, malwares, junk files or corrupt files.
Note: These third-party softwares are properties of there respective owners and in any case, we are NOT responsible for any action performed by them.

(i) Detox My Mac

Detox My Mac is a special tool that helps you to clear the clutter and therefore helps to fix the error. You can use this to save your system from errors and have fast and error-free Mac.

(ii) Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is one of the best antivirus and protection tool available for Mac. It offers excellent malware protection coupled with a great ransomware protection. You can use it to clear the intruders and this will further fix Error code-36.


Error code-36 is not a common sight on Mac user’s screen as Mac operating systems are usually good at preventing problems, through various techniques. However, users still encounter it sometimes, which implies that it is necessary to know how to fix.

How to Fix Error Code 36 in Mac OS X Finder

Error Code 36 in Mac Finder resolved with OS X dot_clean tool

How to Resolve Error 36 in Mac OS X Finder with dot_clean

To use dot_clean, you’ll want to point it at the directory which is being copied and throwing the Error Code 36, the basics look like this:

For example, if copying

/Documents/FileBackups/ is the problematic directory, use:

That should be all that is necessary to resolve the issue, just be sure to attempt the file/directory transfer immediately after the command is run.

Fix error code 36 in Finder of OS X

Mac error code 36

If this worked for you, or you know of another trick to fix Error Code 36 in the Mac OS X Finder, let us know in the comments.


I also am having the error show up in copying my FCPX library (2.75TB) from one HD to another. Using a MacBook Pro 16, Catalina, all latest versions.

Here is a Q: Would it make a difference if one HD is formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled), and the other is Fat32?

2 4 hr sessions with different senior mac advisors. we tried at least 2 dozen solutions
ftom terminal to shutting down to safe mode
No solution worked

hard for me to believe that apple cannot
resolve this

sony video file from camera fails at every
copy attempt. error 36

In my experience terminal did not work, dot_clean.

If it does not work download ‘Commander One’ and use this to transfer the files.

This worked for me and seems to allow transfer of files larger that 2GB.

Thank you so much, i used Commander One too and it worked perfectly fine.

I’m trying to copy a movie file to a USB stick. Your instructions are unclear to me. Please tell me what I specifically have to type into the terminal. I know nothing about the terminal, and I mean nothing.

Tried dot_clean…and most of the files in the Memory card disappeared…..almost had a heart attach….ejected the memory card…..plugged it back in and all was well….could copy again. Thank you very much

I’ve been getting error 36 moving MP4 files to an NAS Drobo 5N. Unfortunately, dot_clean doesn’t help. I’ve found that duplicating the file with the error using command-D works, but only one file at a time.

Thanks you so much.
The dot_clean worked a treat on my photos library file Pictures\Photos Library. photoslibrary when I was doing a big copy of all my files in my Pictures folder.
All the other files had been successfully copied except those that were alphabetically after the Photos library.
So I just copied those few independently.
I am really grateful to all of you. You saved me trauma and hours of work that I would have spent trying to solve the problem.

Easiest way around this is to copy the file using Terminal:

It didn’t work for me – I just got input/output errors on all the problem files.

Ok, guys! Robe is absolutely right. I tried EVERYTHING. Just coping fr SD card to external hard drive was an absolute nightmare with this 36 thing. I am no computer wizard, but what Rob said about cp-R worked! I just dragged the whole folder to be sure.

Elena & Rob, THANK YOU! Worked perfectly for me.

Attention: file-dragging (original/’troubling’ FILE) / FOLDER-dragging (destination FOLDER).

I dont understand….please explain step by step.

Forgot to mention that I have used the USB between Mac & Windows to use the PDF files. Could this be an issue?

I have a Mac Mountain Lion – which I downloaded & upgraded into El Capitan, which works fine for me despite very few bugs – which occur like font list becoming invisible on Adobe InDesign. This is a simple, minor annoyance. Not sure if it’s related to this or not. Maybe it’s not.

But my real and more current issue is with the Kingston USB disk as I had files on it. However, it seems to think that there are files on it even if there’s not.

I have looked at quick tutorials with dot_clean solution but it doesn’t seem to work. The USB is empty and yet when I re-insert the USB – sometimes the files show up, sometimes it doesn’t. Seems like a paradox to me.

I also tried out the disk utility in an attempt to use digital ‘first aid’ – under external drive:

⇒ Kingston Data Traveler 3.0 Media (reads as empty with blue bar with all space unused) – It says ‘first aid’ was successful, but ‘erase’ was unsuccessful.
Then there’s sub-header KINGSTON underneath it. ‘First Aid’ and ‘Erase’ does not work here.

Short of abandoning this USB, I am at a loss as to a solution to fix this USB or to use it again.

Any ideas or other options?

Wish I could test this out but I’m trying to transfer 45gb through my network and it takes a few hours. The damn error came up when it was at 43.15gb. FML!

what if this error appears when I try to copy mp4 file from a DVD disk? does it necessarily mean that the disk is damaged?

I just tried dot_clean

Then restarted the computer and It worked

This unfortunately wasn’t worked for me.

An external hard drive I keep around 600GB of music on was becoming unstable (unmouting randomly and not appearing in finder window for up to an hour) so I got another external drive and tried to move everything across.

I type dot_clean then leave a space and drag the folders to be copies in. Once it shows the paths to those folder I hit enter and drag everything to the new drive. Sometimes I get another error 36 before the first folder has transferred, sometimes after a dozen. No real. Noticeable pattern.

Any updates tips would be appreciated

I just wanted to say thank you for this page, both the article and the comments. Just wanted to share my experience in case it helps someone too.

I use Lightroom, so have all my managed photo files and folders on an external hard drive, which is copied to another drive by Carbon Cloner. I wanted to copy it again to a mobile hard drive for use away from home.

I used File Synchronisation at first to copy the files and repeatedly got errors – sometimes 900 of them. Same of I just dragged and dropped manually. I tried the dot clean on every single volume involved but it didn’t help. I manually went through each folder and removed the offending file and then copied it back – aargh. I got my first copy/

Then I messed up after some big changes to the library and decided to start again with a new copy – the error 36 started again. I couldn’t bear the thought of going through the files again. I ran first aid on the drive with disk utility – and a couple of changes were made, I then used Carbon Cloner to copy the files and it worked – there were only 2 errors – a random photo and an iPhone video – apparently ‘sitting on bad sectors”. I have deleted them from within lightroom and copied back back ups so we will see if this solves the problem. I am very happy to have a complete copy though – and v. chuffed that CC overlooks the errors. In my case think it might be a sign the the drives are failing, so another reason I need so many back ups (there’s another in the cloud). Time to restructure!

Thank you for this. It solved my problem.

This immediately solved the issue. I don’t know why but it has.

Please advise and help for the following issues. I want to copy from USD to MAC. its show error-36. I try to follow your guide solving this issues. the problem is idk what is ‘Path’, ‘To’, ‘Directory’, ‘With’, ‘Problem’ in my mac since i am not familiar with computer as i am only user.
please advise if you can help me. thank you.

best regards,
Victor Dragono

This worked for me! Thanks so much!

So I can’t do the dot clean to fix a file that’s on a mounted disk? The file that is giving me the error when I try to move it is on my main drive. I’m trying to move it to an external…

I have the exact same issue transferring FCP library, Bjorn – did you manage to fix?

I also am having the error show up in copying my FCPX library (2.75TB) from one HD to another. Using a MacBook Pro 16, Catalina, all latest versions.

Here is a Q: Would it make a difference if one HD is formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled), and the other is Fat32?

If you are getting the error while you are copying things to external NTFS drive, try to mount the drive in Windows and remove the the Mac specific files. In case you run into difficulties, you may need to run check disk to clean the drive and you can run it from command or from the Drive properties toolbox on Windows.

Same problem here as well, but not with all CD’s that I am uploading. I am transferring old CD-R discs of images to an external hard drive and getting the error 36. Not all folders have the error on the same ‘CD. This is occuring maybe 5% of the time. I’ve tried copying to my Mac’s desktop, but the same error occurs. Any thoughts?

…..Also, In all cases, I will transfer a certain portion from the folder with the rest receiving the error. On occasion, I can transfer 1 by 1. Is this signs that my burner is failing?

Are the CD’s scratched or damaged? I find that this error also occurs when a file can’t be read because the physical media is damaged. A solution that I found was to use

It did not successfully copy everything, but unlike Finder it did not stop when it came across a bad file. It displayed which files it failed to copy as it went, also.

I have the same problem.

My Cd-R’s are in perfect condition and have been stored properly. They were all burned in 2007 and 2008.

Note, I only receive the error on Imation CD’s. I’ve been transferring from Sony, TDK and Memorex without issue. Some Imations give me no trouble, but most do. I borrowed a friends mac and got the same issue however I was able to get a few extra photos before ether error occurred.

Also, when I put my CD-R in and search it up on disk utilities, my repair disk option (first aid) is grayed out so no go on the disk repair.

Got a fix for people with a similar issue. Originally, I burned all images to CD-R’s using a Windows based computer (non-mac) and decided yesterday to try to copy images from an old Dell. Well, it worked perfectly and I have transferred all images no problem to an external hard drive. The issue would appear to be my Mac having difficulty reading the Imation CDs. I borrowed a friend newer mac (2014, compared to my 2011) and the same issue occurred, except I was able to get a few more pictures from the newer computer than my own.


https://www. digitalcare. org/fix-error-code-36-mac/

https://osxdaily. com/2015/02/21/fix-error-code-36-finder-mac-os-x/

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