Код ошибки 38 usb

Steps to Fixing Error Code 38

It is a device driver error that users encounter on any Windows 2000 operating system and its following versions.

It occurs when the peripheral device that you connect to your PC cannot be accessed due to an inability of the Windows system to acknowledge the driver as a previous record of the driver being loaded is found in its memory.

It is a common error that users come across and appears on your PC with the following message:

“Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware because a previous instance of the device driver is still in memory. (Code 38)”


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Error Causes

Error Code 38 is prompted when incomplete program files are left in the Windows system which damage or corrupt its files. There are various factors that contribute to this, some of which are:

The above triggers are very likely to create incomplete files within the Windows registry thereby leading to its damage and corruption.

This is especially true in the case of your PC when it has recovered from viruses when using anti-virus software. The anti-virus in its effort to remove the virus also could remove the files which contain them thereby increasing the risk of the error code.

These damaged files can severely impact the health of your PC and is imperative to fix it immediately to prevent further problems.

Further Information and Manual Repair

Although this error code may pose serious problems for your PC, thankfully, it is very similar to other PC driver errors and thus is an easy one to get rid of. Here are various methods that you can use to get your PC running smoothly again.

Method 1 – Restart your PC

The easiest method you can use to solve your PC error code is to simply restart your PC. It may be that the error prompted upon connecting the device you have connected is merely a temporary problem, and upon restart, will resume functioning smoothly.

Method 2 – Run the Troubleshooting Wizard

If restarting your PC does not help, you will have to find the exact nature of the problem by running the troubleshooting wizard for the device and then address the problem accordingly. To do this, proceed with the following steps:

After following the directions of the Troubleshooting wizard, make sure to restart your PC for the changes to take effect. Now check if your device is still causing problems.

Method 3 – Use System Restore

If the error persists, you can use system restore to eliminate the problem. Here is how to do so:

By restoring the system via a last saved system checkpoint, you can obtain undamaged Windows system files that can help resolve the error code.

Method 4 – Manually uninstall and reinstall the device driver

If using system restore does not work either, you may have to resort to manually uninstalling and then reinstalling the device driver causing the problem.

This would be necessary since the remaining incomplete files due to a partial removal or installation of programs are responsible for the error code. By uninstalling and reinstalling the device driver program, it would lead to completion of the files.

You can do this by firstly logging in as Administrator and opening Device Manager. Select the device that is causing the problem and double click it; make sure that the peripheral is connected properly to the PC.

Upon opening, click on the ‘Driver’ tab and then select ‘Update Driver’. Make sure to refer to your system documentation that you received with your PC or computer to check for the motherboard details and driver specifics.

Method 5 – Use software to automatically download the driver

Manually uninstalling and reinstalling the driver will do the trick; however, it may be time-consuming especially when you would have to resort to your hardware user manual.

Using a program such as Driver Assist can save you a lot of time and frustration in having your device to work properly on your computer.

Driver Assist, with its user-friendly approach to help you fix your PC issues, comes with an integrated database that detects which drivers you need to reconfigure within just a few seconds and downloads it automatically.

error code 38

It further ensures that your drivers are installed in its entirety leaving no room for any incomplete files to remain that create Error Code 38, or any other driver related errors for that matter.

It also has the added advantage of being able to backup and restore your files should there be the slightest possibility of system files damage. Driver Assist is the answer to fixing your PC error codes accurately and quickly.

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Windows 10 USB Error Code 38 In Device Manager [Solved!]

Windows 10 USB error code 38 is one of the Device Manager error codes. Users can see it when they open the Device Manager to check the status of the USB device.

Windows 10 Usb Error Code Image1


When Windows 10 USB error code 38 occurs, users can see the error message in the Device status section like this:

Windows 10 Usb Error Code Image3

Top Reasons For Device Manager Error Code 38

Before fixing Device Manager error code 38, we want to talk about the main reasons for this issue. This error message indicates that there is something wrong with the device driver. To be specific, the main causes are as follows:

How To Fix Device Manager Error Code 38?

Focusing on the above reasons, the solutions vary. However, most of the time, users are not sure of the exact reason for their case. Thus, they can try these methods one by one until they find a suitable one that can get rid of this issue.

Method 1: Make Sure The USB Device Is Turned On

If USB disk will be turned off if users don’t use it for a long time. In a situation like this, users can modify the relevant settings to guarantee that the USB device is always turned on:

Windows 10 Usb Error Code Image4

If this one doesn’t work, the next one may be helpful.

Method 2: Reinstall The USB Device

Reinstalling the USB device can help you get rid of some temporary errors like error code 38. Users can try this method:

Windows 10 Usb Error Code Image5

If the Device error code 38 persists, users can try the next method to see whether the issue can be solved.

Method 3: Update The Device Driver

As mentioned above, a corrupted or outdated device driver can also cause error code 38. Users can update the device driver to have a try. Users also need to do this job in Device Manager:

Windows 10 Usb Error Code Image6

Method 4: Run The Hardware And Device Troubleshooter

The Hardware and Device Troubleshooter find and fix the issues that are caused by the USB drive itself. Users can follow this guide to do the job:

Windows 10 Usb Error Code Image7

Method 5: Clean Boot Windows 10

A Windows 10 clean boot makes Windows boot with a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. Then, users can enable other services and programs one by one until they find incompatible software and services. This is helpful to fix the Device Manager error code 38 if it is caused by compatibility issues.

Rescue Data If The USB Drive Is Still Inaccessible

If Windows 10 USB error code 38 persists after using these methods, the USB drive should be damaged and users may need to replace the drive with a new one. If there are many important files on the drive, users can use free data recovery software to get them back. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is one of the most effective choices.

This software can scan and find both existing and deleted files on the USB drive. Users can use it to rescue their desired data. It has a trial edition that allows users to see whether it can find the files that needed to be recovered. After downloading and installing this software on PC, users can open it and select the target USB drive to scan. After that, they can see the scan results.

Windows 10 Usb Error Code Image8

If this software is helpful to find the needed files, users can use a full edition to recover them to a suitable location.

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