Код ошибки 83 steam

How to fix the Runtime Error 83 Steam Error 83

This article features error number Code 83, commonly known as Steam Error 83 described as Error 83: Steam has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Error Information

Error name: Steam Error 83
Error number: Error 83
Description: Error 83: Steam has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Software: Steam
Developer: Valve Corporation

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About Runtime Error 83

Runtime Error 83 happens when Steam fails or crashes whilst it’s running, hence its name. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the code was corrupt in some way, but just that it did not work during its run-time. This kind of error will appear as an annoying notification on your screen unless handled and corrected. Here are symptoms, causes and ways to troubleshoot the problem.

Definitions (Beta)

Here we list some definitions for the words contained in your error, in an attempt to help you understand your problem. This is a work in progress, so sometimes we might define the word incorrectly, so feel free to skip this section!

Runtime errors happen without warning. The error message can come up the screen anytime Steam is run. In fact, the error message or some other dialogue box can come up again and again if not addressed early on.

There may be instances of files deletion or new files appearing. Though this symptom is largely due to virus infection, it can be attributed as a symptom for runtime error, as virus infection is one of the causes for runtime error. User may also experience a sudden drop in internet connection speed, yet again, this is not always the case.

Fix Steam Error 83 (Error Error 83)

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During software design, programmers code anticipating the occurrence of errors. However, there are no perfect designs, as errors can be expected even with the best program design. Glitches can happen during runtime if a certain error is not experienced and addressed during design and testing.

Runtime errors are generally caused by incompatible programs running at the same time. It may also occur because of memory problem, a bad graphics driver or virus infection. Whatever the case may be, the problem must be resolved immediately to avoid further problems. Here are ways to remedy the error.

Repair Methods

Runtime errors may be annoying and persistent, but it is not totally hopeless, repairs are available. Here are ways to do it.

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How to Fix ‘Error Code 83’ in Steam

Some Windows users are encountering the error code 83 when they try to launch a game via Steam. While some are seeing this error only with certain games, others are unable to launch any game via Steam. This problem is confirmed to occur on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Steam Error Code 83

After investigating this particular issue, it turns out that there are several different causes that might cause this particular error code. Here’s a shortlist of culprits that might be responsible:

Method 1: Installing every Pending Windows Update

Although this is an unlikely culprit, there are a lot of users that have managed to fix this issue by installing every pending Windows Update. This is typically reported to be effective in instances where the PC is missing a key infrastructure update that Steam needs in order to run in a stable manner.

If you encounter the 83 error code with every game that you attempt to launch, you should be able to fix the problem by installing every pending WIndows update following the official channels.

In case you think this scenario might be applicable, follow the instructions below to open the Windows Update component and use it to install every pending update until you bring your Windows build up to date:

In case you still end up encountering the same 83 error code when trying to launch games via Steam, move down to the next potential fix below.

Method 2: Checking the game’s Integrity on Steam

If installing every pending update didn’t work or you already had the latest Windows build, you should start considering the fact that this problem is actually caused by a game inconsistency (this is even more likely if you’re only encountering the 83 error code with one game).

Several affected users that we’re encountering the same error code have reported that the problem was finally fixed after they performed an integrity check from the built-in Steam menu. If you haven’t tried this yet, follow the instructions below:

If the same problem is still occurring, move down to the next potential fix below.

Method 3: Whitelisting game’s Executable from your AV

If you previously established that the problem is not being caused by a missing Windows Update and you’ve ensured that the game integrity is intact, you should start looking for a culprit that might be interfering with the start of the game.

According to several users, this problem is can be caused by a security app (Firewall or Antivirus) that might be stopping the game from launching due to a false positive.

This problem is reported to occur with both 3rd party AV and Firewalls but there are also some reports of this issue occurring with the default security suite (Windows Firewall and Windows Defender).

Fortunately, you can fix this problem easily by establishing a whitelisting rule in your AV / Firewall excepting both the main game executable and the Steam launcher from being blocked. This method has been confirmed to be effective by a lot of affected users.

Note: Keep in mind that if you’re using a 3rd party firewall or Antivirus, the instructions for whitelisting the executables will be different depending on the suite you’re using. In this case, search for specific instructions on doing so online.

But if you’re using the native antivirus protection suite (Windows Defender and Windows Firewall), you can follow the instructions below to fix the 83 error code by establishing an exception rule in Windows Defender and Firewall by whitelisting both the game launcher (Steam) and the game’s executable.

Here is a step by step guide on how to do this:

If the same critical error is still popping up when you launch the game, move down to the next potential fix below.

Method 4: Uninstalling problematic 3rd party AV suite (if applicable)

If none of the potential fixes above have worked for you and you’re using a 3rd party suite with no apparent option to whitelist executables and ports, the only option is to simply uninstall the overprotective suite temporarily and see if it ends up fixing the problem.

Note: If you’re experiencing this issue with a security suite, this problem will not go away if you disable the real-time protection since the same security rules will remain in place.

If this scenario looks to be applicable, the only thing you can do is to uninstall it temporarily and see if that ends up fixing the issue.

Follow the instructions below to uninstall your 3rd party firewall or AV solution:


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